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TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD filed this Form 20-F on 04/10/2017
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We regularly engage in various hedging strategies to reduce our exposure to these risks and intend to continue to do so in the future. However, despite any such hedging activity, we are likely to remain exposed to interest rate increases (mainly LIBOR and TIBOR rates) and exchange rate fluctuations (mainly NIS and JPY rates as compared to the US dollar),  which may have a material effect on our cost and financial results.
We depend on intellectual property to succeed in our business including intellectual property owned by us as well as intellectual property of third parties.  Failure to enforce our intellectual property rights as well as failure to maintain or acquire licenses to intellectual property of third parties may harm our business.
We depend on intellectual property in order for us to provide certain foundry services and design support to our customers. As of December 31, 2016, we held 248 patents in force. We intend to continue to file patent applications when appropriate. The process of applying for patents to obtain patent protection may take a long time and be expensive. We cannot assure you that patents will be issued from pending or future applications or that, if patents are issued, they will not be challenged, invalidated or circumvented or that the rights granted under the patents will provide us with meaningful protection or any commercial advantage. In addition, we cannot assure you that other countries in which we market our services and products will respect our intellectual property rights to the same extent as the United States.  Effective intellectual property enforcement may be unavailable or limited in some countries. We cannot assure you that we will, at all times, enforce our patents or other intellectual property rights and it may be difficult for us to protect our intellectual property from misuse or infringement by other companies in certain countries.  Further, we cannot assure you that courts will uphold our intellectual property rights or enforce the contractual arrangements that we have entered into to protect our proprietary technology, which may reduce our opportunities to generate revenues. In the event that we are unable to enforce our intellectual property rights, our business may be harmed.

In addition, with respect to third party intellectual property that is required for the manufacture of our products, if problems or delays arise with respect to the timely development, quality and provision thereof to us, the design and production of our customers’ products may be delayed, resulting in underutilization of our capacity.  If any of our intellectual property vendors goes out of business, liquidates, merges with, or is acquired by, another company that discontinues the vendor’s previous line of business, or if we fail to maintain or acquire licenses to such intellectual property for any other reason, our business may be adversely affected.  
 From time to time, we are a party to litigation which may require management time and effort and adversely affect us by harming our business, image and financials.
From time to time, we are a party to litigation incidental to the conduct of our ongoing business, including class actions, disputes with customers, suppliers, landlords, or other third parties. Litigation usually requires a certain amount of management time and effort which may adversely affect our business by diverting management focus from business needs and development of future strategic opportunities.

In addition, our ability to compete successfully depends in part on our ability to operate without infringing on the proprietary rights of others and defending our intellectual property rights.  Because of the complexity of the technologies used and the multitude of patents, copyrights and other overlapping intellectual property rights, it is often difficult for semiconductor companies to determine infringement. Therefore, the semiconductor industry is characterized by frequent litigation regarding patent, trade secret and other intellectual property rights. We have been subject to intellectual property claims from time to time, some of which have been resolved through license agreements, the terms of which have not had a material effect on our business.