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TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD filed this Form 20-F on 04/10/2017
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Fines. The Israeli Securities Authority shall be authorized to impose fines on any person or company performing a violation, in connection with a publicly traded company which reports to the Israeli Securities Authority, and specifically designated as a violation under the Companies Law.
Although we expect to be in compliance with the Companies Law, there is no assurance that we will not be required to adjust our current corporate governance practices, as discussed in this annual report, pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Law and recently passed amendments to the Companies Law.
The Israeli Securities Law- 1968 and the Securities Law Amendment
On February 27, 2011, an amendment to the Israeli Securities Law- 1968 (the “Israeli Securities Law”) came into effect (the “Securities Law Amendment”), which applies to Israeli public companies, including companies the securities of which are also listed on NASDAQ Stock Market. The main purpose of the Securities Law Amendment is creating an administrative enforcement procedure to be used by the Israeli Securities Authority ("ISA") to enhance the efficacy of enforcement in the securities market in Israel. This administrative enforcement procedure may be applied to any company or person (including director, officer or shareholder of a company) performing any of the actions specifically designated as breaches of law under the Securities Law Amendment.
Furthermore, the Securities Law Amendment requires that the chief executive officer of a company supervise and take all reasonable measures to prevent the company or any of its employees from breaching the Israeli Securities Law. The chief executive officers is presumed to have fulfilled such supervisory duty if the company adopts internal enforcement procedures designed to prevent such breaches, appoints a representative to supervise the implementation of such procedures and takes measures to correct the breach and prevent its reoccurrence.  The Company is currently in the process of implementing an internal enforcement plan to allow for a higher level of monitoring compliance with the Israeli Securities Law.
Under the Securities Law Amendment, a company cannot obtain insurance against or indemnify a third party (including its officers and/or employees) for any administrative procedure and/or monetary fine (other than for payment of damages to an injured party).  The Securities Law Amendment permits insurance and/or indemnification for certain expenses related to an administrative procedure, such as reasonable legal fees, provided that it is permitted under the company's articles of association.
In June 2011, each of our Audit Committee and Board of Directors approved a new form of Indemnification Agreement with our directors and officers so as to reflect this amendment, subject to approval of our shareholders to the relevant changes required to our Articles of Association. Our shareholders approved these amendments to the Articles of Association and a revised form of Indemnification Agreement for directors at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders held on August 11, 2011.  In addition, our approved Compensation Policy states that we shall indemnify our directors and executive officers to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, for any liability and expense that may be imposed on the executive officer, as provided in the exemption and indemnification agreement between such individuals and the Company, all subject to applicable law.